Crowdfunding Success!

15 Nov

The crowdfunding campaign for my film, Girlfriend 19, ended last week and I am very excited to announce that we raised nearly $9,000!

Many people came through for the film financially and promotionally and for that, I am eternally grateful.  As a result, I have hired an editor, who has begun working on the film.  Our next step will be sound design and an original musical score.  And hopefully in the near future Girlfriend 19 will be playing at festivals around the world!

Please know that Girlfriend 19 continues to have a tax-deductible status, even though our campaign has ended. We are still accepting contributions and offering fun perks such as a Special Edition DVD and Executive Producer credit!

Please contact for more information.

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The Final Day

8 Nov

Today is the last day of my IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, which has been the single most encouraging event in my life.

I am deeply moved by all who contributed both financially and promotionally.  Over the course of thirty days, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers have demonstrated trust and faith in me through their contributions to my film, Girlfriend 19.

As I previously have written, encouragement is pretty hard to come by these days, especially as an aspiring filmmaker.  So to receive the kind of support I have through my campaign truly is priceless and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I cannot wait to complete Girlfriend 19 and share it with my supporters, since they are now an integral part of the making of my film!

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Guest Post by Cassidy Brown

4 Nov

Cassidy Brown who plays “Bethany” in Girlfriend 19, graciously agreed to contribute a post today!  I am extremely thankful…


When I first saw the breakdown for Girlfriend 19, I knew right away that it was something I wanted to audition for. The character of Bethany really resonated with me and the idea that the whole film would take place over one day was intriguing. It was stated that rehearsals would be a large part of the process and that character development would require dedication and intense concentration. I wanted to learn more and see what it was all about.

Auditioning for Christopher was a smooth and pleasant experience, he is warm and friendly and puts you at ease. He gave me a lot of freedom during the reading and stated that he wasn’t married to any one idea and really wanted to see what I could bring to the role, this was something I would hear quite a bit during the filming process.

Cassidy Brown & CJ Boghosian Working on Girlfriend 19

Christopher J. Boghosian works with Cassidy Brown on Girlfriend 19

I was asked to read the script and let him know if I was interested. I read the script, and to be perfectly honest, I was hesitant and worried to accept the part. It was not a traditional screenplay; it was more of a skeleton or blueprint. I didn’t quite know what I was reading or what he was thinking. So I did what anybody would do, I Googled him! I was directed to his blog and came across an entry where Christopher talks about John Cassavetes and his desire to have a similar movie making process. He wanted to workshop with actors, get them involved in all aspects to create the film together. Being a Cassavetes fan myself, I understood what he was trying to do and why his script was laid out the way it was. That isn’t to say that I was completely convinced, lots of people in this industry have out of the box ideas but successfully executing them is another thing. Then I watched his short film Fade To Red and, just like that, I was in.

CJ Boghosian, Cassidy Brown & Gavin Fisher on Girlfriend 19

Christopher & Cassidy take a moment while director of photography, Gavin Fisher makes adjustments on-set.

Christopher and I met for coffee, chatted about filmmaking and his vision for Girlfriend 19 and by the end of the conversation; I was signed on to play Bethany. Our rehearsals mostly consisted of conversations about character development, something actors usually are left to do on their own. By the time filming began, I believe that Christopher and I had a joint idea about Bethany’s struggle so very little discussion on set and few takes were needed. This also was due to the wonderful and professional crew.

Being in every scene and carrying such a weighty film was something I had never done before, Bethany was unlike any character I had ever played and there were scenes I wasn’t sure I would be able to do. Everybody on set was always very cautious during the uncomfortable moments and did all they could to create a safe environment and I truly thank them for that. By the end of filming it was a little hard letting go of Bethany, having dived so deep into her pain, I felt protective of her and walking away from the part felt like I was abandoning her, also a first for me.

Cassidy Brown in Girlfriend 19

Cassidy in one of five "Park" Scenes

Christopher talks about wanting to do more films using this workshop process with actors. He dreams about being with the entire cast and crew for months at a time, no breaks from each other, just rehearsing, filming, discussing, and debating. I believe he will do it and I just hope that, when he does, he brings me along too.

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3 Nov

As many of you know, my team and I are currently holding a Fundraising Campaign for Girlfriend 19 post-production expenses, such as editing and sound design.

Last week, a generous donor offered a match fund of up to $2,500, which we met!!!  It literally came down to the final hours.  I’m totally elated!

We still have one week left to meet our ultimate goal, which I truly believe can happen.  Once again, all contributions are up to 100% tax-deductible and we have some really cool perks for every contribution, starting at just $5.


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$2,500 Match-Fund!

27 Oct

Exciting news: a $2,500 match-fund has been generously donated toward Girlfriend 19!

As you may know, my team and I have set-up a 100% tax-deductible online fundraiser to help finish my first feature film, Girlfriend 19. And now, for one week only, through Tuesday, November 2nd, all contributions up to $2,500 will be equally matched!

Contribution levels start at just $5 and our website is equipped with easy-to-use “Share” buttons to help us spread the word.

Please visit our website today to help us meet our $2,500 challenge!


Bethany in Park from Girlfriend 19

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